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  • Keys Avo Jel, 60ml

    Keys Avo Jel, 60ml

    Vegan Natural Alternative To Vaseline®


    • No Petrolatum
    • Pure Organic Jellied Avocado Oil
    • Skin Protector
    • Repels Water
    Functional Ingredients: Avocado oil
    Reported Uses: Windburn, Lip Protectant, Prevent Blisters, Dandruff, Burns, Chafing, Rashes, Dryness, Cracking, Skin Lotion, Lubricant, Diaper Rash 

    CA$13.85 (approx US$9.97)
  • Keys Heat Cool (60ml)

    Keys Heat Cool (60ml)

    Heat Coll (60ml). Vegan and Chemical-Free. Natural Alternative to IcyHot® & Bengay®
    2 Ounces (60ml) Jar
    CA$12.50 (approx US$9.00)
    CA$18.00 , save 31%
  • Keys Urban Shield (60ml)

    Keys Urban Shield (60ml)

    Keys Urban Shield (60ml) Vegan Alternative to Triple Neem Ointment®

    2 Ounces (60 ml) Jar

    CA$12.40 (approx US$8.93)
    CA$20.82 , save 40%
  • Keys Vapor Jel (60ml)

    Keys Vapor Jel (60ml)

    Keys Vapor Jel. Vegan and Chemical-Free. Vegan Natural Alternative to Vicks Vaporub®
    CA$18.00 (approx US$12.96)
  • Keys Zinc Jel (60ml)

    Keys Zinc Jel (60ml)

    Keys Zinc Jel, Natural Alternative to A&D Ointment®

    CA$12.50 (approx US$9.00)
    CA$20.82 , save 40%

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