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SKU16885 Keys Heat Cool (60ml) CA$12.50 (Save 31%)(approx US$10.00)
SKU16887 Keys Urban Shield (60ml) CA$12.40 (Save 40%)(approx US$9.92)
SKU16886 Keys Vapor Jel (60ml) CA$18.00 (approx US$14.40)
SKU16888 Keys Zinc Jel (60ml) CA$12.50 (Save 40%)(approx US$10.00)
SKU168052 LunaPads Organic Cotton Maxi Insert Booster Pack- Box of 4 CA$14.95 (approx US$11.96)
SKU16805 LunaPads Organic Cotton Maxi Pad & Insert CA$19.99 (approx US$15.99)
SKU168053 LunaPads Organic Cotton Mini Pantyliners- Pack of 2 CA$27.95 (approx US$22.36)
SKU1680511 LunaPads Organic Cotton Overnight Insert Booster Pack- 2 Inserts CA$14.99 (approx US$11.99)
SKU168051 LunaPads Organic Cotton Overnight Pad & Insert CA$29.99 (approx US$23.99)
SKU16804 Doc's Skincare Natural Chamois Cream, with Tea Tree Oil, 236.5 ml CA$26.95 (approx US$21.56)
SKU195 SUTIL Fine Botanical Lubricant, 120ml- NEW! CA$24.00 (approx US$19.20)