Keys Zinc Jel (60ml)

Keys Zinc Jel (60ml)

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Vegan Natural Alternative to A&D Ointment®


• Pure Organic Jellied Avocado Oil
• For rashes & Rosacea
• Uncoated Zinc Oxide (Pharma Grade)
• No Petrolatum

Functional Ingredients: Avocado oil

Reported Uses: Diaper Rash, Stings, Bites, Poison Ivy, rashes, eczema, Psoriasis, redness, chafing. 

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    Keys Urban Shield (60ml)

    Keys Urban Shield (60ml) Vegan Alternative to Triple Neem Ointment®

    2 Ounces (60 ml) Jar

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    For head-to-toe, Windsurfer is a therapeutic, chemical-free soap for outdoors, sports and athletic people (meaning it cleanses sweaty and oily skin). The refreshing citrus blend lathers quickly and rinses 4 to 5 times faster than bar soap. Lathers in fresh and salt water. Removes chlorine. Biodegradable. 236 ml/8 oz.
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    Keys Island Rx Concentrated Soap, 236 ml/8oz.

    Island Rx is a remarkable cleanser for sensitive skin-for the entire body. It is a concentrated liquid version of our popular Island Rx Foaming Cleanser. It can be used as facial cleanser when diluted 5:1 with water.

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    Keys Galleyon All-Natural Spearmint Foaming Hand Soap, 8 oz -NEW!

    This is a new foaming version of Galleyon, our favourite hand soap! The soap comes out in the correct concentration and the pump does not clog as easily(common issue with the liquid soap version, since there are no glycols in the product).
  • Keys Omni - Skin Elixir 118ml

    Keys Omni - Skin Elixir 118ml

    Omni can be used anywhere on the body with a widening expectation of results for various skin conditions. Omni aids in skin conditioning, dandruff relief, acne relief, anti-itch and scar healing. Omni has natural anti allergen features as well. Eyes that are irritated by pollen, dander and other allergens receive an cooling effect when you spray Omni around the eyes (not in the eye).

  • Keys AguaVit Toner Tonic, 118 ml

    Keys AguaVit Toner Tonic, 118 ml

    AguaVit is more than a toner. Take one sniff and the scent conjures deeply rooted emotions of times gone by. AguaVit means "Water of life." The aromatherapy of AguaVit is designed to lift the spirits, build confidence while also performing special functions to care for the skin as well as improve the performance of makeup.
  • Keys KODA OmniShield, 236ml- CLEARANCE!

    Keys KODA OmniShield, 236ml- CLEARANCE!

    OmniShield is an intense therapeutic naturopathic insect repellent spray that uses OmniCare as its base adding high levels of Neem and Karanja oil, peppermint, red thyme and lemongrass to repel over 200 flying and crawling insects including fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes and lice. OmniShield starts with the design principles of OmniCare. Keys then increases the levels of the Ayurvedic medicine ingredients to levels that make OmniShield effective as a insect repellent capable of thwarting away both crawling and flying insects.

    OmniShield uses Neem and Karanja oil that is a maximum pharma grade. There are products that use Neem as both a repellent and as therapy. We know of no product that uses the symbiotic oil, Karanja, along with Neem. Both ingredients have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Being symbiotic plants/tree, Neem works best to repel crawling insects while Karanja affects and repels flying insects. Together with the other keys ingredients, OmniShield repels and affects over 200 insects.

    Neem and Karanja also have a thousand years of healing history in Ayurvedic medicine. So, OmniShield has a strong series of features that focus on many skin disorders that dog’s experience. The name Omni means ‘all’ giving it multiple functional medicine properties.

    One interesting feature of using Neem and Karanja is that the symbiosis goes beyond functionality to the scent of the product. Many companies use Neem in very small amounts to hide the strong smell. To be affective, we use 4% of each Neem and Karanja, a total of 8% of the bottle combined, to get true benefits. Ironically, mixing the exact same amount of Neem and Karanja downplays the strong Neem scent to a very pleasant earthy scent. So, OmniShield is an effective Ayurvedic medicine and insect repellent for both flying and crawling insects.

    It is an important note that some pet naturopaths are using OmniShield for both mange mites and lice. Combined with OmniClean that adds oregano oil has shown reversal of dog mange and MRSA.

    Some of the benefits of OmniShield:

    • Repels 200 Insect Types
    • Repels Flying Insects
    • Repels Crawling Insects
    • Anti-itch Treatment
    • Heals Hot Spots
    • Heals Insect Bites
    • Heals Scrapes
    • Reduces Yeast Levels
    • Inhibits Fungus Growth
    • Refreshing Earthy Scent
  • Keys KODA SpotClean, 236ml- NEW!

    Keys KODA SpotClean, 236ml- NEW!

    SpotClean Paw & Face Foaming Cleanser is a brewed wash with botanicals and herbs for quick cleaning of the paws and face or any spot area as an interim cleanser between baths. Removes road dirt and allergens as well many chemicals used on public parks and lawns.

    SpotClean is perhaps one of the coolest products we make. Why, because it fits so many uses and application in a simple chemical-free way.

    When we talked to vets about skin disorders and allergy issues with dogs, they quickly commented that most are caused by the dog bringing in allergens and pollutants on their feet. We noted in our study titled “polluted pets” that dogs often have four to five times more chemical bio-burden than humans. The reason is simple. They have no shoes and dogs lead with their noses. So the paws and face are how a dog brings in allergens and chemicals from their environment. It was obvious too that most dogs are groomed and waiting to be ‘cleaned’ between groomer sessions creates undue stress on their body. The quick solution is a paw, face and spot cleaner that humans do not mind the effort for a spot clean. SpotClean was born in earnest!

    The SpotClean formulation was designed as a fast rinse or even leave-in cleanser. It works best when you rinse the pollutants and allergens away, but it does actually not cause the dog harm or distress to leave it in. Really!

    SpotClean is a light foam cleanser that you can put directly on the paws, face or spot areas dry. We recommend applying the foam using a wet cloth and a quick wet wipe away or if you wish a spray rinse. The formulation of natural ingredients is designed to quickly efficiently clean and can be wiped off with a wet cloth and then let to dry naturally. This means no preparing the tub and chasing the dog. A quick clean can take under a minute and be done even in the dog’s bed. Since it is a damp cloth quick wipe process, it can be done anywhere.

    Some of the benefits of SpotClean:

    • Quickly Removes Dirt
    • Conditions Hair
    • Lightning Fast Rinsing
    • Spot Clean Formulation
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Natural Citrus Whitener
    • Use Between Grooming
    • No-Mess Cleaning
    • Supresses Musk Smell
    • Refreshing Earthy Scent

    KODA is the dog therapy product line established by Keys. Products include chemical-free natural supplements and topical therapies for dogs. Keys uses ancient remedies and modern technology to make natural products that makes dogs feel good and solve both internal and skin problems. Keys uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions to solve problems that account for the top 10 reasons for vet visits. KODA is a combination of wellness products and natural solutions.

    Koda is Lakota Sioux for “Friend.”

  • Keys Heat Cool (60ml)

    Keys Heat Cool (60ml)

    Heat Coll (60ml). Vegan and Chemical-Free. Natural Alternative to IcyHot® & Bengay®
    2 Ounces (60ml) Jar
  • Keys Vapor Jel (60ml)

    Keys Vapor Jel (60ml)

    Keys Vapor Jel. Vegan and Chemical-Free. Vegan Natural Alternative to Vicks Vaporub®

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